Quicktime Streaming Server 4 and Movable Type: BlogTV

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This is a quick test of serving Quicktime from my local desktop machine through my MovableType blog. I can capture and compress Quicktime video clips of anything I record on my TiVo, VCR, or camcorder, and stream them from my desktop computer, the same system where my Movable Type blog runs. Frame rates and quality are optimized for different modem speeds, there are 3 levels, 56k, ISDN and T1, and you will automatically be served the stream matched to your speed. Click the Play button for a short message from Prof. Enid Gumby.

This should work OK on my cable modem as long as it doesn't get too many hits, which is likely since nobody reads this blog anyway. The public is invited to view this experiment and test the load on my QTSS system, but if suddenly this gets to be a bandwidth hog, I'll have to turn it off.
Update: A high-traffic blog linked to this experiment, I've gotten a few dozen hits in the last hour and my server barely feels the load. But then, this is only a 5 second video clip. I've received a few inquiries about how to do this. It's easy with MacOS X, Quicktime Streaming Server is a free download and very easy to use. I'll write up the tech details and post them in another story, it will take me a bit of time to put it together. In the meantime, I would appreciate feedback about how well the streams, image quality, data rates, etc. worked for you.

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