BlogTV: George Bush's 9/11 Speech, Edited

BlogTV presents a special edited rebroadcast of George Bush's 9/11 commemorative speech. I have taken the liberty of removing all those pesky words that vex him so much.
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I wanted to view bush but quicktime said 404 - file not found.

I received a few reports of 404 errors, I'm working on the problem. In the meantime, you may be able to access the file directly at:

I implemented your spam bouncing suggestions at All worked pretty well. Then I "upgraded" to OS 10.2. Suddenly the mail tool doesn't have any UNIX account options. This wouldn't be a huge problem (since the mail tool has spam bouncing options that work fairly well) except I've got about 2 days worth of email that fetchmail ran out, grabbed, and stuffed into a mail file.

Any suggestions on getting it back into the


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